Pench Jungle
Pench Jungle

Beyond the Jungle Safari

Pench National Park: Jungle Safari and Beyond the Safari

It was a long weekend, and we decided to go for an outing. Then we all finalised to visit Pench National Park. It was a two-day stay at the park, where we enjoyed the serenity of the atmosphere and living around the creatures. The experience was unforgettable. We were fortunate to witness a variety of wildlife during our visit, including majestic tigers, playful monkeys, and graceful deer.

Exploring the park allowed us to truly immerse ourselves in nature's beauty and appreciate the intricate ecosystems at work. It was a truly remarkable adventure that left us with a deep appreciation for the importance of conservation efforts in preserving such incredible habitats.

Then, after exploring the jungle, we heard about the activities that happened around the jungle and decided to join in on the fun. There were places to zip line through the trees, hike to hidden waterfalls, and even go on guided night safaris to see the incredible wildlife that calls the jungle home. But this time, we are going to explore areas that are completely uncharted and untouched by humans. Around Pench National Park, there are lakes, dams, and trails for tourists to hang out on.

Rather than this, there is a pottery village at Panchdhar, in the Pench National Park, that is known for its exquisite handmade pottery. It is 9 km away from the park, and it is located in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. It is named after the nearby Panchdhar Hills. There are 100 households living in the village. The potter community, known as "the Kumhars," has been practicing the art of pottery for generations. We have visited the village, tried the art of making pottery, and learned so many things.Then we thanked the villagers for their hospitality and left with beautiful pottery pieces as souvenirs.

Apart from this, there is a cycle track and a walking trail that allow visitors to explore the park at their own pace. That is the Runi Jhuni walking trail and the Rukkhad cycle track, which provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities. It was fun and exciting to do the activities in the park. Then there are wildlife photography hides, which allow visitors to capture the beauty of the park's diverse wildlife species. Visitors can truly immerse themselves in nature while exploring the park and around the park.

We came across the new activity that is happening in Pench National Park, which is paramotoring and hot air ballooning. Both activities offer a unique perspective on the park and its inhabitants. We had so much fun doing this activity that we couldn't resist trying out both of them. The charges were 2,500 for paramotoring and 1500 for hot air balloons. These prices were quite reasonable considering the incredible experience we had. The paramotoring allowed us to soar above the park, giving us a bird's-eye view of the stunning landscapes and wildlife below. Similarly, the hot air ballooning provided a peaceful and serene way to appreciate the park's natural beauty from a different vantage point.

Then we went the market area to explore the local culture and indulge in delicious food. Around Pench, there are small town villages where you can get the authentic experience of rural life and interact with the friendly locals. There are particular days set for bazaars, where villagers come together to sell their produce and handmade goods. These bazaars offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of rural commerce and discover local treasures. Like on Monday at Chakkikhamari village, or on Tuesday at Vijaypani village, or on Thursday at Badalpur village, and on Sunday at Belpath village, there is a bazaar for every day of the week in this region.

At the end, we went to boating on the nearby river that is in Pench National Park, near Kolitmara Gate. In this river, there are three types of boats: pedal boats, row boats, and motor boats. We tried each of them and enjoyed the serene beauty of the national park. There is also a variety of wildlife that can be spotted along the riverbanks. We were lucky enough to see several different species of animals during our boat rides.

So if you are planning a trip to Pench National Park, do explore the area around Pench for more fun activities and enjoyment. It is worth exploring around Pench for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes.

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