Pench Jungle
Pench Jungle

Step by Step Booking for Jungle Safari

Pench Jungle

Step by Step Booking for Jungle Safari at
Pench National Park

If you are a nature lover or a travel enthusiast who loves spending time close to wildlife, then a Pench National Park Jungle Safari is for you. If you are in doubt, then here are the reasons why a jungle safari in Pench is the best way to spend your vacation. It’s easily accessible, convenient yet adventurous, and so affordable. Also, Pench National Park is home to many different kinds of birds and animals, as well as regal-looking tigers. Visiting this natural paradise is sure to be a relaxing, refreshing, and exciting time that will make you want to come back for more.

Below is a step by step guide to book Pench jungle safari

Decide Which Zone You Want to Visit

Pench National Park is so big that it lies in two Indian states: Madhya Pradesh (MP) and Maharashtra. The forest in both of these states is as similar as it is different. So, before booking for the Jungle Safari at Pench National Park, you must first decide which zone you would like to visit. Since the jungle is so vast, you will see that there are different species of flora and fauna in both zones. Similarly, the population of tigers is also different in both zones. As a result, the safari experiences of both these zones are also different.

Decide Which Gate You Wanna Enter

There are many entrances, also called "gates," to the beautiful jungle, where you can see the beauty of the wild. Jungle safaris in Pench can be done via 7 gates, all of which are famous for one thing or another. Some of the gates are well-known for tiger sightings, whereas others are popular among bird watchers. Thus, giving the Jungle Safari in Pench a different color to different visitors.


Where can I book a Pench jungle safari in the Maharashtra zone? this is the website where you can make a Pench jungle safari booking online for the Maharashtra zone.

Where can I book a Pench jungle safari in the Madhya Pradesh zone? this is where you can book a Pench National Park jungle safari for the Madhya Pradesh zone.

Can we book Pench Safari offline?

Canter safari bookings are only done offline in Pench National Park. Canter safari permits are given only to walk-in tourists. Hence, you cannot book a canter safari in advance.

How much does it cost to book a safari in the Pench Tiger Reserve?

For a Jeep entry (up to six persons), the average entry charge is INR 9500 for the vehicle, permit, and guide. On a night safari, only three cars are permitted to access the area.

Which gate is best for safari in Pench?

The most popular gate among the visitors to Pench is the Turia Gate. It lies on the boundary between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and is the closest to National Highway 7. Most hotels and resorts are found in the reserve's southernmost region.

Which zone is best for tiger sightings in Pench?

The best zone for tiger sightings in Pench is the Turia gate. It is where the tigers are most frequently sighted because there are many bodies of water located close by, so there is a very high likelihood of seeing a tiger there.

What is the best time to visit Pench?

The best time to visit Pench is from October to February. This is the time when the jungle is lush and the weather is pleasant. November to March is when you can see the birds that migrate from colder regions to these areas and spend the winter.

End Note: The Pench National Park safari booking can be easily done online or offline. But you must first decide which zone and gate you want to enter before making a Jungle Safari booking at Pench. Have a good journey and stay at this tiger haven,where you can enjoy both animals and birds at this natural wonder.

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